Monday-Thursday (Required)
Once Friday-Sunday (Encouraged)

  • Empty the "Keep At Home" side of your child's Boomerang Folder with your child.  (This is a very important step in teaching organization skills.)
  • Spend 5-10 minutes reviewing sight words and filling in a bubble on your child's bubble sheet.  (The bubble sheet is the sheet with all of the circles on it.)  If the words are a struggle, back up and practice previous words.  If all words are a struggle, please do some alphabet letter flash cards.  Talk about the name of the letter and the sound that it makes.  Sign and date one bubble each night to verify practice.  Return it when full for a reward. 
  • Spend 30 minutes working on reading.  Use materials from any of the following sources:
  1. 100 book Challenge Folder
  2. Raz Kids Account (Log in information is in the 100 Book Challenge Folder)
  3. Go to www.btsd.us  Click on the students tab.  Scroll down to Read 180.  Go to iRead.  To log on to iRead use your student number which is located on the front of your Boomerang Folder.  The Password is Password1.  The P in Password1 must be uppercase.