2017-2018 Supply List

Mrs. Sutton’s Kindergarten Supply List



Please bring these items with you to kindergarten orientation on August 29th.


The following items should be labeled with your child’s name:

2-4 BLACK dry erase markers (thick or thin, it doesn’t matter)

1 pink eraser

1 dry erase eraser or Mr. Clean type magic eraser or an old sock

1 box of washable magic markers (thick or thin, it doesn’t matter)

1 pair of student ROUNDED TIP scissors

1 yellow highlighter

1 PLASTIC SOLID COLOR folder in each of the following colors:  red, blue, green and yellow – Please be sure the folders have 3 prongs and 2 pockets.

2 marble composition books

2 boxes of crayons

1 book bag

1 lunch box if packing

1 plastic crayon box approximately 5x8 inches

1 set of headphones in a zip seal bag labeled with your child’s name


The following donations are greatly appreciated:

Wet wipes for faces and occasionally hands

Clorox wipes to keep germs away

Tissues, Tissues and more Tissues


Students will NOT need any of the following:

They will NOT need pens, pencils, glue or sharpeners.

(I received a large donation of pencils and glue)