Sight Word List
Here is a list of all the Kindergarten and First Grade Sight Words your child is expected to know by the end of the year. 

a                                                                                              again                                                                     their*                   

am                                                                                          are                                                                         them*

an                                                                                           as                                                                            there*

and                                                                                        been                                                                     these*

can                                                                                         both                                                                      they*

come                                                                                     buy                                                                        this*

do                                                                                           carry                                                                      those*

for                                                                                          could                                                                     though*

go                                                                                           does                                                                      through

he                                                                                           don’t                                                                     today                   

I                                                                                               done                                                                     together

In                                                                                            eight                                                                      two

is                                                                                             four                                                                       very

it                                                                                             from                                                                      want

like                                                                                         give                                                                        warm

me                                                                                         goes                                                                      wash

my                                                                                          have                                                                      water

no                                                                                           laugh                                                                     were

of                                                                                            live                                                                         what

on                                                                                           many                                                                     where

said                                                                                        most                                                                      who

see                                                                                         once                                                                      why

so                                                                                           one                                                                        word

the                                                                                         other                                                                     work

to                                                                                            people                                                                  would

up                                                                                           pretty                                                                   your

was                                                                                        put                                                                         here

we                                                                                          some

when                                                                                    than*

you                                                                                        that*

Click here for a printable version of this list: First Grade Sight Words.docx