Homework Week of Sept. 17th –21st


Spelling words:  a, am, and, can, come

Phonics sounds:  m, d, s, short a, t, p

Kindergarten Review: see below  


Monday (9-17-18)

  1. Spelling: write your words 3 times each
  2. Math: worksheet
  3. Reading: Read a book that you enjoy


Tuesday (9-18-18)

  1. Spelling: Write 5 short a words using the phonics sounds (m,d,s,t,p) above
    1. Example: tap, map, etc….
  2. Math: worksheet
  3. Reading: Read a book that you enjoy


Wednesday (9-20-18) NO SCHOOL


Thursday (9-13-18)

  1. Spelling: Take a practice test in your homework book.Please include words using the phonics sounds.
  2. Math: worsksheet
  3. Reading Response (RR): Read a book and practice your vocabulary.



Teacher’s Notes:

** Continue reviewing Kindergarten Words if you child is struggling with them.

I a see to my and like is said here for play she have are he go let on the cat sat cut


**I have not finished leveling for 100 challenge. For reading, please just have your child read a book that he/she enjoys. J

**We will begin Topic 1 in math this week. The chapter starts teaching the beginning concepts of addition and the concepts of beginning subtraction.

**No school next Wednesday, 9/19/18 for the Jewish holiday.

**Dress your best, Picture day is Friday! J