Special Area Class Schedule


Room A115 Specialist Schedule

***Specials are no longer assigned to a certain day.  We will now use a letter day rotation system.  Our first day of school will be Day A, our second day will be Day B and so on.

Day A                     Physical Education      1:55-2:25 (Sneakers MUST be worn!!!)             

****Students are not permitted in the gym without sneakers!


Day B                       Computers      1:55-2:25           


Day C                        Library       1:55-2:25


Day D                      Art         1:55-2:25     


Day E                     Music   1:55-2:25


Our lunch and recess time is as followed:

                        11:50-12:40 (25 minutes for lunch and a 25 minute recess). 

****Our class will go to recess first and then go to lunch.


Daily Snack Time

                Students will be able to bring in a daily snack from home.  Snack break is a working snack in which students can enjoy their snack while working on school work. Students MUST only bring in a snack from the district approved list of snacks (fruits, veggies, cheese, goldfish, pretzels, or granola bars---NOTHING containing peanuts/tree nuts or processed in a peanut/tree nut facility).  Students will not be able to eat a snack that is not on the approved list.  Even a student who is getting a school lunch must bring in a daily snack.  Students are permitted to keep a water bottle on their desk in case they get thirsty throughout the day.   

******Special Note****** I encourage sending in a plastic, reusable, (with an easy pop-up top) water bottle for the children to keep with them on their desks all day long, especially in the warm weather.  No juice or soda in the classroom please. We do not have a water fountain in our room so this is the best way to ensure your child stays hydrated throughout the day.

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