Topics of Study

We are currently working on:

Math: Topic 12 Measuring Length

           Topic 12 Assessment Wednesday April 10, 2019 
 Social Studies: How Goods are Made and Brought to Us  
Science: Chapter 2 Plants and Animals
                       Lesson 4: Where Do Plants and Animals Live

*Focus on: Non-Fiction Text Features and How     
                         They Help the Reader, Main Idea, Details,     
                         Author's Purpose
 and Text Evidence.                                        
Writing:  Research: 
Choose an animal and research facts     
                        about habitat, prey, predators, special body parts 
                        and how they help the animal.  

                 Poetry: Write various forms of poetry

* Students may go on Pearson Web Site for Math and                     Science Review/practice; TCI for Social Studies; Xtra Math     for fact fluency practice; Raz Kids and SchoolPace 
   Bookshelf for reading books on their level.