Mrs. Lori Guzzie


Classroom Supply List:
LOTS of #2 pencils with erasers- Ticonderoga sharpen best and last the longest
2 blue pens
2 low odor dry erase markets
1-2 boxes of 24 count crayons, usually lost and broken within the first month:(
pack of markets
child's safety scissors
8 glue sticks
2 packs of 3x3" Post it notes
1 pack of index cards
2 soft sided zipper pencil bags (NO BOXES)
7 plastic folders preferably in following colors: 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 purple, 1 black, 1 fun of your choice
4 one- subject marble composition notebooks- wide ruled, no spirals
headphones for computer/chromebooks (store suggestion: 5 Below)
Optional:  pack of coloring pencils- Crayola Twistables are preferred as they don't need sharpened
**If possible, buy extra supplies while they are on sale to replenish throughout the year, especially pencils, crayons, and gluesticks
Teacher Wish List, any of the following: Lysol wipes, tissues
Please do not buy:  binders, Sharpies, pencil sharpeners, pencil case boxes, mechanical pencils...our desks aren't big enough