Mrs. Jennifer Massielo

Welcome to Mrs. Massielo's Class

I have been teaching for over 20 years in the Bristol Township School District.  I taught at Emerson and now Mill Creek.  I have loved my years in the district.  I enjoy and take pride in watching my students grow academically, socially and emotioanlly. I continue to strive to instill a love of learning and strong work ethic.  
Personally, I have two children.  My daughter is in her first year of college and my son is a junior at Pennsbury High School. 

look forward to a year full of learning and laughs. 

The homework given each night is reading for 30 minutes and completing 2 lines on the reading log.  Please be sure to sign your child's log daily.  It would great if you would find a few moments and ask your child to tell you about what they are reading.  Great conversations can be sparked by books!  They love talking about their reading. The children need to practice multiplication and division facts on a daily basis.  Ten-fifteen minutes a day will be beneficial to all. 
The children are expected to read even if they are not in school and on weekends.  Thirty minutes daily. 

IMPORTANT:  Specials will be on a rotational schedule.
Day A: Music
Day B: Phys. Ed.
Day C: Art
Day D: Computer Lab
Day E: Library

Lunch: 12:40-1:05
Recess: 1:05-1:30

Please consider joining our class Dojo page.  I will post updates and important information and photos frequently. If you have misplaced the code let me know.


We continue to review previous concepts and to add new concepts.  We are working with multiplication and various strategies  used to solve multiplication equations.  There are a variety of ways to solve problems and I will be giving them the tools to choose which strategy works best for them.  When given the opportunity the children can expand their thinking and find ways to solve problems.  We are also working with fractions.  What is a fraction and what do the numbers represent.  How can we solve problems with fractions? We have been working with equivalent fractions, fractions on a number line and representing fractions different ways.  We do problem solving each day which is a huge need for all.  We need to always work on problem solving, place value, addition and subtraction.   We will be moving into time and measurement shortly. Please have your child log on to Prodigy for extra math practice.  There are also links on this page for further practice and games. 

Language Arts

We started learning and thinking about traditional tales.  We will dig deeply into the story elements and how each element is important to the story.  Reading is not just about figuring out words.  The children need to think critically while reading and after reading.  We will compare and contrast various versions of fairy tales.   
The children are reading fiction as well during our independent reading time.  I am meeting with children to help them strengthen their reading skills.  
We write daily in our Writer's Notebook.  This time is used for the children to explore various forms of writing.  They may choose to write stories, poems, lists, facts, comics or whatever they can think of.  Some days we share with buddies and our partners give a strength and also an area of improvement.  We continue to need work with organizing our thoughts. 

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions or concerns. Email will be the most efficient because I will check it in the morning, lunch break and after school.  My email address is You can message me on our class Dojo page as well.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.
You can also call before or after school or you can leave a message during the school day. The school phone number is 267-599-2440.