Mrs. Jennifer Massielo

Our Special Schedule Day A: Computer Lab Day B: Physical Education Day C: Library Day D:Art Day E: Music Recess/Lunch: 12:20-1:10 Please be sure your child brings a district accepted snack. We have peanut allergy in our classroom so please be considerate when sending in snacks. Mrs. Massielo’s Third Grade Supply List 2018-2019

Lots of pencils-Ticonderoga last longest-please no mechanical pencils. The kids tend to take apart and get very distracted.

3 pink block erasers

1 box of 24 Crayola crayons

1 pack of colored pencils

1 pack of washable markers

4 black expo dry erase markers (low odor) We use these DAILY.

2 highlighters

4  glue sticks

1 ruler

1 pair of kid sized scissors

5 Marble composition books

4 two pocket folders

Flashcards-addition, subtraction, multiplication and division-these will be needed for class and homework

2 1 or 1 ½ inch binders

3 packs of post it notes 1 supply box to keep supplies in

A positive attitude and huge smile

Donations to the classroom:


Clorox disinfectant wipes

Liquid soap-pump dispenser

1 box of zip-lock baggies

Thank you in advance! Language Arts: We have been working with a lot of non-fiction texts and passages. Understanding text features and how they help us while we search for information is a necessary skill. We are learning what our brain should be doing while reading. As third grade readers, we need to begin focusing on the meaning of what is being read and thinking while we read. Reading is not merely reading words and reading quickly. Math: We are working on multiplication and division. We are learning different strategies to help us solve problems. Word problems are a huge issue for many. The students are learning how to read a word problem carefully and decide how they will get to the solution. I have given them a CUBES strategy that we are practicing before even starting to solve the problem. C circle the numbers U underline the question B box the action words E eliminate any unnecessary information that will not help us solve the word problem S sense-does your final answer make sense, is it reasonable As stated at Back to School Night, responsibility is huge in third grade. Please continue to stress responsibility at home. Homework is your child's responsibility not yours. I tell them that you are busy enough and it is their job to get the work done and put it back in the school bag ready for school.
Each child has a gmail account and is part of my google classroom. To access their email they must type their lunch id number Everyone has the password btsd123. This will give them access to the gmail and then in the upper right hand corner are nine little boxes (3X3), click the boxes and find classroom. I will periodically post videos or assignments for them to watch and complete. We write and read independently daily. Kids become better readers and writers by reading and writing. Please encourage these practices at home. Together, your child can have a successful year in third grade.