Homework Information

October’s  Spelling words

Week of 10-2-17  

mother, sleep, able, love, much, almost

meet, meat

Week of 10-9-13

city, today, anything, paper

week, weak

Week of 10-16-17

year, behind, sky, both, world, place

write, right

Week of 10-23-17

around, found, start, people, next, people

night, knight

Week of 10-30-17

wrote, again, carry, each, feet

see, sea

November’s Spelling words

Week of 11-6-17

Always, first, ask, food, work, brother

wait, weight

Week of 11-13-17

funny, gave, things, close, even, grow

threw, through

Week of 11-20-17

gone, same, begin, winter, must, stop

knew, new

Week of 11-27-17

happy, catch, third, last, school, walk

made, maid

December’s Spelling words

Week of 12-4-17

ten, change, outside, part, live, party

male, mail

Week of 12-11-17

game, try, pick, teach, until, second

tale, tail

Week of 12-18-17

deep, view, grade, together, snow

sale, sail

January’s Spelling words

Week of 1-2-18

house, start, grow, story

way, weigh

Week of 1-8-18

street, above, find, between, every

hare, hair

Week of 1-16-18

father, watch, children, hid

ate, eight

Week of 1-22-18

enough, dark, great, inside, light

by, buy, bye

Week of 1-29-18

seen, during, worn, wrong

you’re, your

February’s sight words

Week of 2-5-18

several, never, getting, everything, earth, group, baby

hi, high

Week of 2-12-18

wouldn’t, probably, against, fight, once

hour, our

Week of 2-19-18

best, ready, free, show, build, kind, draw, state

to, two, too

Week of 2-26-18

circle, large, doing, family, different

clothes, close

March’s Spelling words

Week of 3-5-18

river, might, air, I’d, suddenly, easy, finally, everyone

blue, blew

Week of 3-12-18

hold, special, animal, lost, beautiful, need, job, sick

not, knot

Week of 3-19-18

maybe, land, next, window, better, written

sell, cell

Week of 3-26-18

favorite, care, myself, since, picture, class, idea

four, for

April’s Spelling words

Week of 4-2-18

follow, pretty, couldn’t, happen, themselves, direction, nothing, life

read, red

Week of 4-9-18

someone, without, instead, either, lunch, important, less, own

brake, break

Week of 4-16-18

think, round, scared, person, short, wanted

adds, ads

Week of 4-23-18

young, question, yourself, answer, money, simple, more

board, bored

May’s Spelling words

Week of 4-30-18

being, also, slowly, bring, after

prints, prince

Week of 5-7-18

page, store, while, however, kids, check

road, rowed, rode

Week of 5-14-18

listen, few, stuff, problem, such, cleans

stairs, stares

Week of 5-21-18

teacher, dream, sister, plan, possible

their, they’re, there

Week of 5-28-18

thought, really, understand, near, rest, soon

wrap, rap