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 Study Sight words and homophones nightly for the assigned weekly list      


 Math Worksheet - usually Monday thru    Thursday              
Bookworm.png Strongly Recommend Reading 30                        minutes EVERY Day 
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If you are logging home reading, you can also log the time the children read on Reading A to Z as well as the new program iRead.  Log one line for every 15 minutes of reading.

The Math homework is a page from their Math book.  Each lesson has a homework page that accompanies it so the children will bring home that page each night.  They should complete it and return it to school in their red take-home folder the next morning.  This will give them extra practice and do a better job of preparing them for the Chapter tests.  It will also give you a clearer picture of what they are learning.   You can access the pages from the book online as well.  Just log on to with your child's user name and password and find the lesson you are looking for.  For help with user names and passwords go to the "Reminders" tab.

If they have trouble with any of their homework, please tell them to raise their hand and let me know so we can review it.  We have a hectic schedule in the morning, so we will not review every question, but if they are confused, we can go over the tricky questions first thing in the morning.  The homework should come back to school every day.  

Students will be tested on the sight words for the week, probably on Fridays.  The more they work with the words at home, the better their chances of knowing how to spell the words.  While I encourage them to study and practice, I do not need to see written Spelling homework.

Spelling practice ideas:
1. Take a pretest to see which words you already know and which you need to practice.
2. Write the tricky words 5 times each.
3. Write sentences with the words.
4. Sort the words like we do in class.
5. Use a website like
​6. Make up flashcards.