Mrs. Patrice Shaltens

Welcome to Kindergarten!

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My name is Mrs. Shaltens . I am teaching kindergarten in room A114. We are having a great year!

We have been working on the letters: m, s, a, d, t, p, c, r, b,f   and this week n.  We are continuing to talk about our  "schema", which is all of our experiences that help us develop understanding when listening or reading a story. We are  making "connections" before, during and after a story. In addition, we are visualizing ,putting a picture in our heads as wel listen to a story.    We have also been working on the sight words: me , no, I, a , see, at, my,the and is. Our new sight word this week is the.  In Math, we have been focusing on numbers 0-5 and demonstrating different ways to make 5 with manipulatives. We working on chapter 3 on counting and writing 8,9, and 10.  In Science we have been focusing on what scientists do to collect data. We used our Science lab and worked on sorting and all of the characteristics we could sort our buttons by. We wore our safety glasses while we worked!   In Social Studies we are discussing how we get along with others at school and make good choices.  

Please keep working with your child every night on letter identification, letter sounds and identifying the alphabet letters out of order quickly! These skills help us to read and write our own sentences!!

Here are the recommended district-approved snacks for the classroom:
Please refer to this list when making your snack selection for your child. Please write your child's name and "SNACK" on it so they can grab it from the snack buckets at the appropriate time.  

Any other money that comes into school with your child, please have it in an envelope labeled. Thanks so much!

Please make sure your child knows how he or she is getting home from school.  Please label all items with your child's name on it.

Please check that back of your child's homework Boomerang folder.  The Math homework  is in there. I sent a note home today about what the students can do for Math homework each day.   
Also please make sure your child is reading his or her Challenge books every night. Your child is also allowed to listen and read stories on kids a-z .  Have those literary conversations about the books when your child is done reading.  Thanks so much for helping your child be successful in Kindergarten!

Here are a few things to look forward to in December:
Friday, December 22 - 1:10 pm early dismissal
Holiday Break December 23 - January 1
School resumes Tuesday, January 2, 2018!

Please remember to label your child's jackets, schoolbag, snack and lunch bags.  Sometimes they forget what their things look like.  Thanks a bunch!


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