Mrs. Patrice Shaltens

Welcome to Kindergarten!

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My name is Mrs. Shaltens.  We are working so hard in Kindergarten! 

We have been working on the letters, letter sounds including short vowel sounds, and digraphs: sh, ch, th, wh, and ck. We are also reading CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) words quickly.     Our smart Kindergarten kids have learned all of the  letters! We  are now focusing on questioning before, during and after a story.  We have also been working on the sight words: me , no, I, a , see, at, my,the, is, go, it, on, so, to, up, can, do, he, and, we,an, am,like . Our new sight word this week is when.  In Math, we are  focusing on subtracting numbers and adding numbers  by using manipulatives . We have been using the math words: take away, subtract, join, add and  equals.  In Science we participated in an assembly about making good healthy choices to keep our bodies healthy.    In Social Studies we are discussing  the topic of being good helpers at a school. 

Please keep working with your child every night on letter identification, letter sounds and identifying the alphabet letters out of order quickly! These skills help us to read and write our own sentences!! Please keep practicing letters, letter sounds and sight words.  Have fun together while watching your child improve his or her skills!  I have sent home a March packet for homework. Please return the completed packet on April 3. 

Here are the recommended district-approved snacks for the classroom:
Please refer to this list when making your snack selection for your child. Please write your child's name and "SNACK" on it so they can grab it from the snack buckets at the appropriate time.  

Any other money that comes into school with your child, please have it in an envelope labeled. Thanks so much!

Please make sure your child knows how he or she is getting home from school.  Please label all items with your child's name on it.

Please check that back of your child's homework Boomerang folder.  The Math homework  is in there.    
Also please make sure your child is reading his or her Challenge books every night. Your child is also allowed to listen and read stories on kids a-z .The students are also invited to work on IRead at home as well.  This is a great website to focus on letter identification as well as sight words and listening to stories.  Have those literary conversations about the books when your child is done reading.  Thanks so much for helping your child be successful in Kindergarten!

Here are a few things to look forward to in March:

Wednesday, March 7 - early dismissal
 (teacher workshop in afternoon)
Thursday, March 29 - Spring Break
Friday, March 30 - Spring Break
Monday, April 2 - Spring Break


Please remember to label your child's jackets, schoolbag, snack and lunch bags.  Sometimes they forget what their things look like.  Thanks a bunch!


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