Mrs. Patrice Shaltens

Welcome to Kindergarten!

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My name is Mrs. Shaltens.  Our classroom number is A114. 

We are working so hard in Kindergarten!   We are focusing on the letter K and all letter sounds for the alphabet. We are also using our sound folders to listen for the location of the sound (beginning or end of the word) . We are writing our names and practicing starting at the TOP of the line and pulling down.  In Math, we are writing the numbers 6-9 and counting those amounts with manipulatives.   In Language Arts, we are using Challenge books, as well as our letter books, to track words in a story from left to right when we are reading. We are characters ,setting, problem and solution in the stories we hear. We are also discussing the Beginning, Middle and Ending parts of stories.   In Social Studies, we are learning about Holidays Around the World. During Class Closing, we are sharing how we were good friends to others, how we showed acts of kindness, and we are giving "put - ups" to each other.  

Please look for the Homework sheet that should stay in your child's Boomerang folder.  That sheet will be turned in by your child to me on Friday, December 7.  Your child is also bringing home a Reading folder each night. Please read together and talk about the story.   Thank you so much for your support in our Kindergarten adventure!!

Snack policy:

Here are the recommended district-approved snacks for the classroom:
FRUIT, VEGETABLES, CHEESE, PRETZELS, GOLDFISH AND NUT FREE GRANOLA BARS.  Please try to stick to this specific list due to allergies and items processed in peanut factories. 
Please refer to this list when making your snack selection for your child. Please write your child's name and "SNACK" on it so they can grab it from the snack buckets at the appropriate time.  

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