Homework Assignments

Homework---------Week of October 9th-13th, 2017

Teacher’s Notes: ***Spelling homework will change to 2 sentences a night starting very soon!! **Students should continue to practice the “short a” sound and the “short i” sound introduced in the last few weeks of spelling.  Due to the two days off, we will continue to work with the “short o” sound this week. We will also review all the sight words we have worked on this far as well.  We will NOT have a spelling test this Friday.   Our normal spelling routine and test schedule will begin again next week.

 ***PTC soup and cookie fundraiser is due 10/11/17!  ***PTC meeting is on 10/12/17.

***We will have our tiger pride assembly on 10/11/17.  Be sure to always wear your “tiger pride” shirts each and every Wednesday to show your school spirit.

***Fire Prevention assembly on 10/13/17.

 ****Trunk or Treat is this Friday, October 13, 2017.

**100 Book Challenge is going to increase to 30 minutes a night.  Please begin to SLOWLY increase your child a few minutes each night in the reading.  The ultimate goal is 30 minutes a night!!!!

 Be sure you are only signing 2 books for the 2, 15 minute slots that your child is reading at home.


Spelling Words:

  **Short “o” patterns

            -ox/-ot and 

              Sight words

1.     ox        9. rot

2.     fox     10. dot

3.     box     ----------

4.     hot     11. the

5.     pot     12. he

6.     got     13. is

7.     lot      14. in

8.     cot     15. see


        *not, slot, spot,



  Kindergarten Review:

no    on    do   an  the  my  to   I  so  if  me  you  and  he  at  a  go  can  up  am  we  like  see  is  in

This week’s sight words:

the   he   is   in   see




No School today---Teacher Workshop




No School today----Teacher Workshop


Wednesday:    E

1.   Spelling:  Write a good, first grade sentence for the following word: the .

2.   Math: worksheet

3.      Reading: Read your 100 book challenge books for 30 minutes. Write 1 sentence about one of the books you read.


Thursday:   A

1.   Spelling:  Write a good, first grade sentence for the following word: he .

2. Math: worksheet
3.   Reading: Read your 100 book challenge. Sign your log and practice your vocabulary

Friday:       B

**Be sure to read your 100 Book Challenge over the weekend!

 **Be sure you log down at least 30 minutes of reading!!


Study your words!